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All photos taken at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO by Stephen Miller.

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The Dead Phish Orchestra

The Dead Phish Orchestra is a project that some of the Phix guys occasionally participate in. We have a blast mashing up the music of our two favorite bands, Phish and The Grateful Dead. We play in Denver when we get the opportunity, and in September of 2011 we are very excited to have been invited to play the Powellapalooza Festival in Page, Arizona, amidst the rock formations and mesas along the shores of Lake Powell. And in extra-special-exciting news, we will be joined this time around by Michael Kang of the String Cheese Incident. It is sure to be a very special event, and we are all super-psyched about it. The festival is four days, Sept. 22-25, and DPO's set is on Friday, Sept. 23 at about 6pm.

If you'd like to check out a few tracks, you can find the Dead Phish Orchestra on, or you can check out a recent show of ours right here:


The Dead Phish Orchestra is:

Paul Murin - guitar
Ted Tilton - keyboards
Brian Adams - bass
Chris Sheldon - drums

Meanwhile, visit the Powellpalooza page on Facebook
and the Dead Phish Orchestra on Facebook

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