All photos taken at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO by Stephen Miller.

2001 PHIX

Let's be friends

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The Philosophy of Phix (why we do what we do (or did)...if you've never seen us before, or even if you're an old friend, you might want to start here.

Phix Reunion Shows in Colorado (Oct. 3-5, 2013)

After not playing together since January, 2009, the Phix guys are psyched to announce a run of reunion shows in the great state of Colorado.  Freshly inspired by the badassery of this summer's Phish tour, and with a few more years of age and wisdom under our belts, we are looking forward to reuniting as friends and musicians for these shows. 

Thursday, Oct. 3 @ Three20South, Breckenridge, CO
Friday, Oct. 4 @ Hodi's Half Note, Fort Collins, CO
Saturday, Oct. 5 @ Cervantes Other Side, Denver, CO

These are the only shows we have planned for the foreseeable future, although it's possible (even likely) that we'll do this again some day.  Keep an eye on this space, and join our mailing list to stay in touch.

Recording (and downloading) Phix Shows
Everyone is welcome to record Phix shows (audio or video). If you recorded any of our shows, please send us a copy and we will share it with other folks! Just don't sell it. You can also upload it to, where there are already many live phix shows you can listen to. Last time we checked, there have been over 125,000 downloads of Phix shows on - thanks for listening!

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